Gothenburg Pass Guide

INCLUDED IN YOUR GOTHENBURG PASS: Find your attraction on the map back in the brochure. X X X X X CULTURE & HISTORY 4 Bohus Fortress 5 Botanical Garden 6 Gothenburg Sports Museum 7 Gothenburgs Tramway Museum 8 Gunnebo House 9 Götheborgsutkiken 10 Museum of Gothenburg 11 Ringlinien Heritage Tram 12 The East Indiaman Götheborg 13 The Maritime Museum & Aquarium 14 The Medical History Museum 15 Volvo Museum 24 Maritiman - a floating ship museum ART & ARCHITECTURE 16 Hasselblad center 17 Röda Stens Konsthall 18 Strandverket Art Museum 19 The Gothenburg Museum of Art FAMILY FRIENDLY 20 Aeroseum 21 Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre 22 Laserdome 23 Liseberg 24 Maritiman - a floating ship museum 25 Prison Island 26 Slottsskogen adventure golf 27 Universeum 28 AirHop Trampoline park 13 The Maritime Museum & Aquarium TRANSPORT 2 Hop On-Hop Off bus 1 Hop On-Hop Off by boat 11 Ringlinien Heritage Tram LEISURE ACTIVITIES 22 Laserdome 23 Liseberg 25 Prison Island 26 Slottsskogen adventure golf WELCOME TO GOTHENBURG! The attractive Gothenburg Pass makes your visit to Gothenburg complete. You can use this prepaid card to enjoy the city’s fantastic variety of museums and attractions at no extra charge, and to experience the charm of the city from the water. We hope you have a wonderful stay in Gothenburg! HOW TO USE YOUR PASS: • Always check the opening times of the attractions, especially during public holidays and off-season periods. • Gothenburg Pass is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours from the first time you use it. • The Pass is valid once per museum/attraction/sightseeing tour. • Gothenburg Pass includes free travel on Hop On – Hop Off buses (28/3-30/9) and boats (26/6-18/8), as well as free travel on Ringlinien vintage trams. Read more on Page 11. • You must note the date and time that you start to use the card on the back of your Gothenburg Pass. You can write this yourself by hand. • To take a sightseeing tour by boat, you can collect a free ticket from one of Strömma’s ticket kiosks on the depar- ture quay before the tour departs. You must show your valid Gothenburg Pass to obtain a free ticket. You cannot pre-book a sightseeing tour with your Gothenburg Pass. Tickets are subject to availability. • Always show your Gothenburg Pass to the staff in the ticket kiosk or at the entrance to the attraction in order to enjoy its benefits. • Your Gothenburg Pass is valuable – keep it safe! Lost cards will not be replaced. Unused cards will not be refunded. The information in this guide book may be subject to change after publication. Gothenburg Pass by Stromma cannot be held responsible for any printing errors in this guide book. For more information in English, please visit our website 2 WELCOME TO GOTHENBURG! SIGHTSEEING & EXCURSIONS 1 The Paddan Tour 1 Paddan on Säveån 2 Hop On-Hop Off bus 1 Hop On-Hop Off by boat 3 Grand Sightseeing Tour of Gothenburg 3 Archipelago Tour with guide 3 Tour of Hisingen